Sunday, 12 February 2017

Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Nothing, but a small tip.....
Mix 1 teaspoonful of honey in 100 ml of warm water and take 3 times a day. This makes your body fat to burn and loose weight within 3 months. By this you look thin and beautiful in a very natural way without any side effects.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Problems of Excess Belly Fat

In this mechanical life of human’s excess body fat, mainly belly fat has become common in every one which is leading to many health disorders. One must control food habits and maintain your body stiff by regular exercises and health activities. Here are some of the problems faced people suffering from excess fat accumulations in different parts of their bodies.

Effects from Accumulation of High amounts of Belly Fat in Body:

  •  Bulging belly is the sign for starting stage of disease. And if bulging back is the sign for         inveteracy of ailment.
  • Cervix fat leads to heart problems and throat fat leads to cancer.
  • Eating healthy food and not working out or giving full time rest to your body is severely a wrong way. In this case your healthy food may also become poison to your body.
  • Excess face leads to indigestion and indigestion again leads to ailments and sudden death.
  • One will suffer from breathing problems because of over fat.
  • Ailments like snoring and low levels of oxygen in blood.
  • Body may suffer from asthma, excess thirsty, Gleets, Urinal diseases, Leprosy, Fever, cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks.
  • You may also suffer from gout in knee, elbow and all other joints of your body.
  • Excess fat may also lead to low concentration levels on sex and weak body with low stamina, hinges, fistula, diarrhea, dysentery, looseness of bowels, elephantiasis, jaundice and other dangerous diseases.

Healthy Mattress

Clean Bed is The Route for Healthy Sleep

Humans spend more time without moving is relaxing and sleeping on the bed. A healthy sleep in the night is the boost up for next morning’s life and activities. So clean bed is the route for healthy sleep which again is a energy booster for healthy wake up and morning. Now a day, everyone use sponge mattresses or artificial bedding made from plastic, rubber etc. 

Because of this, we are suffering from many health issues and sleepless nights. If you once look at your health you can know of this. Bedding's made from pure cotton is the best and tidy way. You can reuse the cotton bedding or recycle them. Plastic or rubber coir mattresses are artificial which leads to body heating, sweating, which again leads to skin ailments. So a healthy and tidy bed is very necessary to maintain.

Protection of Eyes

How to Protect Your Beautiful Eyes

Eyes are considered to be chief of all 5 sense organs. One can survive without any other organs. But a person’s life is dark without eyes. Scientists also invented many artificial human organs. But when it comes to eyes, they failed. Scientists also confirmed that eyes are the powerful cameras of the human body which has resolution of 324 megapixels, which is very high and nobody can expect or invent it. So one must take precautions to save and protect your eyes. Here are some of the reasons for eye problems.

Reasons for Eye Problems

·         Spending most of the times in sun and washing your eyes or taking bath with cold water immediately.
·         Looking at far objects continuously
·         Sleeping in day times and being awake at night.
·         Watching TV continuously without any time balance or playing on the mobile phone and gadgets.
·         Exposed with high temperatures like fire, steam while cooking or working something else.
·         Affected with dust, smoke from fire or vehicles and other polluting sources.
·         Forcibly stopping excrement.
·         Crying unnecessarily now and then and making your eyes suffer dry.
·         Having got hurt on forehead, directly on the eyes or head.
·         Walking for long distances daily without any rest.
·         Severely thinking about sex, getting exited, continuous sex, feeling anguish about women and sex.
·         Forcibly stopping cry and tears because of agony and suffering.
·         Looking at small objects or small letters continuously for hours.
Because of above reasons it is confirmed that, your eyes may affected with nearly 78 types of eye problems.

Tips to Maintain Good Eyes and Eyesight

·         Massaging your eyes and feet with castor oil at least once in 15 days. Putting castor oil in ears as drops and taking bath.
·         Try to walk on green grass on bare foot daily or at least twice a week.
·         Maintaining good diet by having unripened banana curry in your meal at least once in a week.  And by eating banana daily.
·         Taking cow milk, cow ghee, cow butter, cow curd, cow butter milk.
Put small pieces of dry myrobalan fruit in drinking water storage tanks or units and drink that water daily to maintain good health and good eyesight.

Natural Teeth Whitening

Make your Teeth White and Shiny with Sesame oil

Daily before brushing your teeth, gargle your mouth with two table spoons of sesame oil atleast for 10 minutes. By this you can prevent and control mouth ulcers, bad breath, bleeding gums and teeth, loosening of teeth from jaw bones. You can also make your teeth shiny and white which are affected from pan parags, beetle nut powders, pans, tobacco chewing, smoking etc. You can also prevent tounge and mouth cancer by doing this daily.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Healthy Food

Healthy Food Habits

Everybody in the world today consume non Healthy food and at non eating times. They doesn’t care about the quality and quantity of the food they are taking. To be frank, they doesn’t know the factors or vitamins of food. They consume whatever they want and suffer from health disorders. Every food item has specific amounts of vitamins, calories, carbohydrates etc. Without knowing these factors, consuming heavy amounts of them leads to body and health problems. Take look over the following points to be healthy:

Morning Breakfast

·         Take light food with low calories which can be digested easily.
·         Don’t eat oily and non veg items in the breakfast.
·         Avoid heavy eating which leads to laziness.

Afternoon lunch:
·         Eat your lunch only after you have digested the morning breakfast.
·         Don’t think about anything while eating.
·         Avoid talking with anybody or doing some other work.
·         Watching TV or playing while eating leads to indigestion which again leads to acidity, rotgut, belly ache, gas troubles.
·         Eat appropriate amounts of food with balanced diet.
·         Do not eat junk food.

Evening Dinner

·          Have your dinner as earliest as possible.
·          Take light medium quantities of balanced food with high vitamins, proteins, fiber.
·         Maintain a gap of at least 3 hours between dinner and going to bed.
·         Avoid eating curd in dinner. Better to take butter milk or milk.
·         Walk at east for hundred yards after eating.
·         Sitting or relaxing immediately after eating causes bulging out of your belly.
·         After eating, immediate sleeping or having sex may cause death.
·         Don’t eat any types of fruits after lunch or dinner. Maintain at least a gap of 2 hours before or after the dinner.
·         There are different types of uses depending on the tastes of the food. For example, blood quantity is improved by eating sweet food. Eating sour food increases strength of bone marrow. Sexual potency can be increased by eating acrid food items. Rice increases sperm quantity.

·         So everyone must take care to have every type of food in appropriate quantities. 

Best Time to Wake Up

In this computer age, the life of the humans has become mechanical and nobody has time to maintain good health habits. So most of them are suffering from one or the other health disorders. We don’t even follow times rules because of our busy schedules. But, by adjusting our times of daily activities one can lead a healthy life.

Follow The Below to Start Your Healthy Day

Wake up early in the morning

·         The best time to wake up in the morning is 4 - 5 AM. Climate at this time will be blissful and the air will be clear to feel, which gives us day long refreshment.
·         After a night long sleep, our body gets an instant refreshing mood.
·         And the best time to go to bed is at 9 - 10 PM.

First Thing to Do After Waking Up

·         After waking up wash your face, eyes and mouth with cold water so that you clear your doziness instantly.
·         Drink  7 – 8 gulps of water. By doing this ordure and fart will be discharged from your body naturally.
·         But people suffering from common cold, cough, fatigue, TB, and Asthma should not use cold water. It’s better to use warm water.
·         By removing dirt’s from your body early in the morning prevents rotgut, belly ache, gas troubles.
·         If you skip defecating in the morning, then that leads to constipation, which again leads to belly ache, Fundament pain and acidity problems.
·         Because of UN discharge of fart and filth, you may suffer from languidness, gout, urinal problems, pain in genital organs, headache. So one must compulsorily fix a time in the morning.
After defecating one must wash their hands and legs with mild soap to get rid of germs and odor.