Monday, 6 February 2017

Best Time to Wake Up


In this computer age, the life of the humans has become mechanical and nobody has time to maintain good health habits. So most of them are suffering from one or the other health disorders. We don’t even follow times rules because of our busy schedules. But, by adjusting our times of daily activities one can lead a healthy life.

Follow The Below to Start Your Healthy Day

Wake up early in the morning

·         The best time to wake up in the morning is 4 - 5 AM. Climate at this time will be blissful and the air will be clear to feel, which gives us day long refreshment.
·         After a night long sleep, our body gets an instant refreshing mood.
·         And the best time to go to bed is at 9 - 10 PM.

First Thing to Do After Waking Up

·         After waking up wash your face, eyes and mouth with cold water so that you clear your doziness instantly.
·         Drink  7 – 8 gulps of water. By doing this ordure and fart will be discharged from your body naturally.
·         But people suffering from common cold, cough, fatigue, TB, and Asthma should not use cold water. It’s better to use warm water.
·         By removing dirt’s from your body early in the morning prevents rotgut, belly ache, gas troubles.
·         If you skip defecating in the morning, then that leads to constipation, which again leads to belly ache, Fundament pain and acidity problems.
·         Because of UN discharge of fart and filth, you may suffer from languidness, gout, urinal problems, pain in genital organs, headache. So one must compulsorily fix a time in the morning.
After defecating one must wash their hands and legs with mild soap to get rid of germs and odor. 

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