Monday, 6 February 2017

Healthy Food


Healthy Food Habits

Everybody in the world today consume non Healthy food and at non eating times. They doesn’t care about the quality and quantity of the food they are taking. To be frank, they doesn’t know the factors or vitamins of food. They consume whatever they want and suffer from health disorders. Every food item has specific amounts of vitamins, calories, carbohydrates etc. Without knowing these factors, consuming heavy amounts of them leads to body and health problems. Take look over the following points to be healthy:

Morning Breakfast

·         Take light food with low calories which can be digested easily.
·         Don’t eat oily and non veg items in the breakfast.
·         Avoid heavy eating which leads to laziness.

Afternoon lunch:
·         Eat your lunch only after you have digested the morning breakfast.
·         Don’t think about anything while eating.
·         Avoid talking with anybody or doing some other work.
·         Watching TV or playing while eating leads to indigestion which again leads to acidity, rotgut, belly ache, gas troubles.
·         Eat appropriate amounts of food with balanced diet.
·         Do not eat junk food.

Evening Dinner

·          Have your dinner as earliest as possible.
·          Take light medium quantities of balanced food with high vitamins, proteins, fiber.
·         Maintain a gap of at least 3 hours between dinner and going to bed.
·         Avoid eating curd in dinner. Better to take butter milk or milk.
·         Walk at east for hundred yards after eating.
·         Sitting or relaxing immediately after eating causes bulging out of your belly.
·         After eating, immediate sleeping or having sex may cause death.
·         Don’t eat any types of fruits after lunch or dinner. Maintain at least a gap of 2 hours before or after the dinner.
·         There are different types of uses depending on the tastes of the food. For example, blood quantity is improved by eating sweet food. Eating sour food increases strength of bone marrow. Sexual potency can be increased by eating acrid food items. Rice increases sperm quantity.

·         So everyone must take care to have every type of food in appropriate quantities. 

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