Sunday, 12 February 2017

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Problems of Excess Belly Fat

In this mechanical life of human’s excess body fat, mainly belly fat has become common in every one which is leading to many health disorders. One must control food habits and maintain your body stiff by regular exercises and health activities. Here are some of the problems faced people suffering from excess fat accumulations in different parts of their bodies.

Effects from Accumulation of High amounts of Belly Fat in Body:

  •  Bulging belly is the sign for starting stage of disease. And if bulging back is the sign for         inveteracy of ailment.
  • Cervix fat leads to heart problems and throat fat leads to cancer.
  • Eating healthy food and not working out or giving full time rest to your body is severely a wrong way. In this case your healthy food may also become poison to your body.
  • Excess face leads to indigestion and indigestion again leads to ailments and sudden death.
  • One will suffer from breathing problems because of over fat.
  • Ailments like snoring and low levels of oxygen in blood.
  • Body may suffer from asthma, excess thirsty, Gleets, Urinal diseases, Leprosy, Fever, cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks.
  • You may also suffer from gout in knee, elbow and all other joints of your body.
  • Excess fat may also lead to low concentration levels on sex and weak body with low stamina, hinges, fistula, diarrhea, dysentery, looseness of bowels, elephantiasis, jaundice and other dangerous diseases.