Monday, 6 February 2017

How to Stop Hair Fall

Reasons for hair fall:

 Every person in this world suffers from hair fall. Mostly men suffers from these which leads to bald head. There are many reasons for this including genetics or genes, pollution, unhealthy combing habits, non maintenance of tidiness. In addition to these many other reasons also leads to hair fall which we never know and bother about.

Some Of Them Are
·         Staying or living in very cold rooms or cool places for most of the times.
·         Working or exposure to sun for very long periods and getting sweated.
·         Getting drowned or wet for long duration's in the rain or other water sources.
·         Not sleeping in the nights for many days and staying awake for long time.
·         Roaming against the breeze or winds which come from East.
·         Crying severely or trying to stop crying always.
·         Drinking large amounts of water and consuming heavy amounts of alcohol.
·         Take bad air inside and drinking filthy water which causes accumulation of dirt and germs.
·         Forcibly stopping the defecation and urinal discharge.
·         Not using healthy fruit oils for and to massage the scalp and hair.
·         Studying for long duration or thinking heavily for everything and watching TV continuously  for hours.
·         Using hair sprays, perfumes, gels and unnatural hair colors.
·         Indigestion or having rotten food inside the stomach.
·         Fighting with everybody unnecessarily or talking loudly.

Because of the above reasons, your head may suffer from gout, bile or phrensy, phlegm accumulation or a combination of all the three leads to body pains, one side headache, boils on the head, dandruff, alopecia, itching, white hair, red hair, breakage of hair, bald head and many other disorders. So who ever exert to avoid the above disorders can maintain healthy, tidy and strong hair.